Saturday, April 22, 2017

21 Things I've Learned + Giveaway!

Hi friends!

Last Saturday was the marking of 21 years on this beautiful world. Growing up, time seems so long; from a young standpoint, you look to the day where you "grow up" & get to do "adult things". Time seems so long, but the older I get, the faster the time seems to go, it slips like putty in my hands! I'm pretty sure I hear on the daily too, that it doesn't slow down any time soon. There doesn't seem to be enough time in a day to fulfill all of the projects & activities I have planned. I've quickly come to realize I need to take advantage of each & everyday to fully grasp ahold of this life of mine; never let a dull moment slip! In this last year, if there is one thing I've realized, it's to fill every moment of everyday with passion, creations, & love. There is never another go at today or yesterday, so why not live today as much as you can? Thankfully, the new friendships and relationships I've made throughout the last year have showed me how important it is to take advantage of just that! This last year leading up to my 21st has been so good to me and today, I wanted to share with you 21 lessons I've learned (and have been absolutely grateful for) throughout the last 21 years of life!

1. Waiting for "someday" or the "perfect moment" never gets me very far. I'm the kind of girl that needs to proactive about things I want to do and accomplish in my life! Go and get it!! There is no time like the present.

2. Looking good is feeling good! Whenever I'm in a bummer mood, throwing some curls in my hair and putting on some lipstick definitely boosts my confidence and mood.

3. If you go into every day with a "best day ever" kind of mindset, you really can't go wrong! There is something good in everyday that makes this life more beautiful than the day before.

4. Surrounding yourself with people who motivate you and encourage you to grow as an individual truly makes for the best life.

5. When you're thoroughly enjoying the activities of the day and you stop to take a second to appreciate everything that's happening around you, it's almost like you can freeze time for a single moment to truly capture your feelings, thoughts, and that feeling of pure bliss. When you truly love what you do, the days seem to slow down just a little bit longer, enough time to fully capture the moment you're caught in.

6. When you're caught too much into a routine, you get burnt out, life seems uninteresting; try expanding your horizons a bit. Take a walk, ride your bike, get out of town, try something new and fully immerse yourself into this new activity.

7. Document and photograph the important moments in life so you don't forget a single beat!

8. It's okay to love someone who doesn't love you back. Time will take it's course and things will happen as they should.

9. Do what makes you completely and ridiculously happy!

10. Let people in, don't shut everyone out! When you meet the right people, they actually do care and are genuine about wanting to listen.

11. Relocating can really benefit, which kind of relates back to number 6, if you're miserable and stuck in a rut, move! You are not a tree rooted into that place you're living. If you're not financially set, start saving! It's worth every penny!

12. Stand up for what you believe in and your passions, even if you're the only one standing.

13. Do not settle for anyone or anything! This life is yours and you have every right to live it to it's full potential!

14. Making friends is hard! It seems like growing up, we have all the friends we could ask for on the playground, but as you get older (and it doesn't get any easier being an introvert) people are doing their own things and life gets busy at times! But trust me when I say, that is OK!

15. Sing and dance to every song you love! Don't worry about the person in the car next to you, you'll probably never see them again!

16. Take up new hobbies & reunite with past favorites.

17. Dwelling on the past, or thinking about where you would be if you would have made different life choices, gets you absolutely nowhere. Also, it's just added stress in your life that you really don't need!

18. Being creative is good for the soul & for your overall well being. Create something everyday!

19. Being a tourist in your own city is actually a lot of fun! Get out there, take pictures, drop in a cafe you've never been to, find activities that are new and worth while!

20. On the flip side, when visiting a new city, act like a local! While traveling the last few months before my 21st birthday, it was absolutely one of the most fun things to seek out all the hidden gems that only most locals know about and attending like you've been doing it for years!

21. Being your most authentic self.

In honor of my 21st, I really wanted to share something special with you all! I am so thankful for each and everyone of you (yes, you) for taking the time out of your day to read and support my blog! If you've made it to the end, thanks for being here, it really means the world to me and completely makes my day! For those of you interested, I'm hosting a little giveaway for the pictured floral, yellow clutch that I personally made, which you can find the link for down below! The contest will end April 29th at 11:59pm PST. As soon as the form is filled out, come back and leave me a comment down below letting me know you've entered! That's it, easy peasy! The winner will be contacted on Sunday, April 30th for further details.

A Girl Named Latisha Giveaway! (Closed)

Happy Saturday!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Oakland Athletic's

Hi Friends!

First things first, Happy April! Did March just fly by or what? I am still trying to catch my breath from all the activities that I took part in throughout last month, it was such a great month though, so I'm not complaining! March was definitely the month of trying new things, experiencing new places, and watering current relationships/friendships with people that are close to my heart! 

Speaking of April, it's officially my birthday month *breaks out in dance*; April 15th, I turn 21! I'm actually really looking forward to it this year for the pure fact that I'm starting another year of my life with a bang! You can look forward to flower crowns and handcrafted white lace dresses to start off my year of officially 21! I can't wait, it's gonna me a good one! 

For those of you unfamiliar and not following me on social media, Nathaniel and I decided to spend our spring break in his hometown, Berkeley, CA; we're just wrapping up the two day drive as of today, we will be back home (just in time to watch the opening day for the Oakland Athletic's)! While in Berkeley, I had the pleasure of getting to know the place he called home growing up, it's quite fascinating to see the world in a different light, wouldn't you agree? We spent a whole week running around, trying to fit in everything we could do into our schedule, needless to say, we're a little tired and drained (in a good way), I definitely wouldn't have changed it for the world though! I have a whole vlog coming next week with our daily adventures and highlights from this trip, we can't wait to share it with you! 

As for today, I wanted to share with you our last full day in this beautiful city, experiencing one of Nathaniel's favorite pastimes growing up, baseball; the Oakland Athletic's to be exact! I've always loved watching sports, I was involved in quite a few throughout my high school career as well, but growing up in a small town, we didn't have baseball as an option for school sports so I never got to know the sport well enough. For my first game we visited the Oakland stadium to watch the Athletic's play the San Francisco Giants for the last day of training season. You could say I was pretty excited, I love being around people who are passionate about sports, people who really get into it; it get's me excited and loving every second of it! It was such a beautiful day with the sun shining high and bright, the perfect day for a game! 

We enjoyed lunch before the game at the Shibe Park Tavern, where we had the most scenic view of the whole field and players warming up before the game! We headed to our seats after eating, we were right behind the home base, almost front row seats! It was definitely the best view of everything going on! 

Even though I don't know much about the sport, I am looking forward to learning all there is to know, with Nathaniel's help of course! Tonight is also opening day for the Oakland Athletics's, which I'm actually really excited for! If you need me, I'm be wrapped up in my team gear cheering on the team with Nathaniel! I'm always up for learning new things! Do you guys have a favorite team, or if you're not into baseball, what sport does your family really get into? 

Until next time!


Monday, March 13, 2017

Travel Diary: March 9th Bonner's Ferry

March 9, 2017

In my last blog post, I talked about how I've found someone who encourages my love for blogging and sharing my life through pictures. Better yet though, he even shares my love for traveling to cute,

little, unique places! Finding people who share the same interests and enthusiasm with you, really makes this world a better place! Have no idea who I'm talking about? Meet Nathaniel Wardwell! It truly is wonderful finding someone who allows you to take on the word along side of them! We definitely have more trips in mind and we are so excited to share our travels with you, through pictures and of course, more travel vlogs like this! It seems like this might become a new hobby of ours! Take a peak at our first attempt and let us know what you guys think!

Here's to many more adventures, spontaneous trips, and of course more travel vlogs! I'm really excited to share our future adventures with you all! Happy Monday!


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

February Fourteenth

Hi Valentine! 

Happy Valentine's Day friends! I hope you're enjoying your day with all of your loved ones! I spent my day touring downtown & enjoying taking pictures while the sun was shining bright today! 
If you don't follow me on Instagram {which you totally should be ;) @agirlnamedlatisha} you may not have heard my announcement on my story yesterday! Guys! I'm totally excited because I finally found someone who's shares as much enthusiasm as I do about taking Instagram/ blog photos! We've been having so much fun lately spending our time in the sun finding different opportunities to take photos! His name is Nathaniel Wardwell; we actually just officially launched his Instagram yesterday {you should totally give him a follow and check him out @nathaniel.wardwell}. He is such a sweetheart & I know you guys are going to totally love him & his style! 

In the name of Valentine's Day, I wanted to share 14 things that I love.

1. Listening to {really} loud music in the car while driving to no place on particular. Heck, even when I have a destination, if I'm by myself, you can probably bet that my music is up as loud as I can bare it & I'm singing along!

2. Starting my mornings with motivational podcasts. I would love to do an entire blog post dedicated to sharing my top favorites, what do you think?

3. Waking up to the sunrise shining through my bedroom window {the best part of my day hands down}!

4. Sheet masks, all the way! I've totally been a sucker for skincare products recently!

5. Sewing! If I have downtime, you can definitely find me sitting at my sewing machine creating a new piece of clothing! I get so, so excited when I finish a new project!

6. Red sneakers; I've totally been living in these since the snow has been clearing up a bit.

7. Handwritten letters found in my mail box, I love stationary & taking the time to personally write a letter to friends & family, it's so relaxing & it totally puts a smile on my face to get a letter in return!

8. Connecting with other bloggers! I love the blogging community, everyone is always so friendly & encouraging, it makes my day when I get to have a genuine conversation with another blogger about the things we are passionate about!

9. Exploring, traveling, experiencing new places & ideas!

10. Lately, I've really been enjoying my time working out. Who would have guessed?

11. Creating, anything really!

12. The smell of the crisp air as the winter transitions into spring.

13. Phone calls with my family, even if it's just for a few minutes!

14. YOU! For reading, for supporting, & for your encouragement. It completely makes my day when I get to read each comment or idea! I genuinely get so, so excited! You are all so amazing! Thank you for continually inspiring me!

How did you all spend your Valentine's Day? Did you spend it with the girls or on a romantic night out? I  hope your Valentine's Day was  filled with lots of love, whether that be shared with a partner or with friends & family! May your week be filled with the simple joys of life. 

Until next time! 


Monday, January 23, 2017


Hi love!

There are moments in this life when you find something that your soul just lives for; you know, that feeling you get when you're doing something you love or when you're with someone you care about and you can feel it in the very depths of your bones, that burst of purpose & strong intention. For some, this feeling might pertain to a person, for others, your passion and love might be found in your work. For me, my soul craves the life of creativity, my spirit just lives for it! That feeling of putting your whole heart and purpose into a creation gives me such a high! Creating has always been with me, it's what I know! I love finishing a project and taking a step back to look on it and gazing at the work that my two gentle hands have put together. I surprise myself with the things that I'm capable of! 

Today, I want to share with you, one of my latest creations; one of the projects that I've been most excited for (mostly for the fabric itself)! Really though, can we just take a moment for this fabric? For those of you who are new to A Girl Named Latisha, I've currently been obsessed with fashion and creating my own clothes. I've never had much luck with sewing machines, but within the last couple months, I was given one to call my very own and I have spread my wings and soared since then! I love the feeling of being completely in control of designing & creating my own line of clothing, I think it's the freedom of expression that I love the most. 

I've shared another one of my pieces last September, which you can find here, in case you haven't seen that one yet! Since that post, I've been sewing so much more; coats, blazers, vests, you name it! I'll be sharing more of that in the weeks so come so make sure you're subscribed to A Girl Named Latisha to keep up with all the loveliness to come! 

As for now, I bring to you one of my favorites. I'm totally a girly girl, I love makeup, hair, & lately more so fashion. I styled this skirt with a ribbed long sleeve turtleneck for New Years Eve this year. I love a good reason to go all out with my attire & this skirt was absolutely perfect! It has the perfect amount of spice and spunk while still being completely feminine with how big and fluffy it is! What more could you ask for to kick off the New Year, you know?!

Do you sew or have you ever thought of starting? What should I make next? I'm quickly falling in love with the process, you'll be seeing more from me for sure! Enjoy my love! 


Thursday, January 19, 2017

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation First Impression & Demo | agirlnamedla...

Hi Friends!

Happy Thursday! I was so extremely excited to get my hands on this foundation! It has such a natural finish with a buildable coverage, you're sure to find your perfect fit! As I continue to wear it, I've been loving it! This foundation has quickly become a go to for me, what are your thoughts on it?

Check out the video for this makeup look:

Until Next Time!



Thursday, January 12, 2017

Quick & Easy Neutral Smokey Eye | agirlnamedlatisha

Hi friends!

Happy Thursday! Today I'm sharing a makeup look that was recently on my Instagram (follow me @agirlnamedlatisha). This neutral smokey eye is beginner friendly, with only the use of two (yes two) eye shadows! I hope you all find this helpful, be sure to leave me a comment on what other types of videos or blog posts you would like to see from me!

Enjoy my loves!